As February comes to a close, we can now reflect on all that we accomplished as a development team and a little bit of good news for us.

Last month, I introduced a few of our goals for moving forward, and as a team, we are hitting that mark!

Here are a few of our accomplishments this month:

  • Updated the usability and general look and feel of the "Cases" Page
  • Redesigned form elements to increase clarity of intended meaning
  • Added a mask to some fields to help increase speed.
  • Removed bugs related to printing forms in certain programs.

Here are a few additional updates from our team on our progress!

Craig (CoverMe's Lead Developer):

We have been working on introducing additional programs in which to allocate money for our providers. The newest program is called Premium Assistance, which is still being developed and implemented into our application so that standalone and Free Choice's Premium Assistance facilities can leverage it. Additionally, we've been working on ways to acquire more information about our patients and their circumstances so that we can better assist our providers and their patients by making decisions with the most accurate information possible.

Tristan (CoverMe's Front-end Engineer):

I have installed the Gulp.js build tools to bundle the vast array of static assets in our app. They are currently being requested either in small chunks or one at a time, resulting in an extraneous amount of requests that ends up in slower loading times for the end user. Now with this installed, we can reduce these requests to one request per asset type. This also helps developers because files like a compiled and minified stylesheet will no longer have to be checked in, which decreases the chances of a merge conflict.


Made the site prettier, made it less buggy, added Premium Assistance (colossal add and an excellent program for our clients) and decreased page load times to deliver our user interface.

Until next time,

CoverMe's CTO