The development story of CoverMe will not be a short blurb on a random marketing page, but rather an ongoing process. Our current product roadmap has us rolling out some impressive features/additions that will make CoverMe an exciting addition to any hospital.

With an ongoing roll-out of new additions to the app, I thought it would be an excellent addition to our new blog to give a quick shoutout about the ongoings of our development team.

What's Different

This week our development team has pushed out one of our most substantial releases since CoverMe's launch.

We have addressed many concerns that our users have brought to our attention. While we are quick to address and fix feedback from states about government programs as well as app-breaking bugs, some things just need a little time to get right.

This month you can expect:

  • User Interface Overhauls — We have collected feedback from our users as well as researched best practices for increasing the usability of the app. Many of these changes were added in the last release. Thanks to Tristan for his steady updates of more than 120 separate changes and tweaks.
  • Financial Assistance/Charity Care Bug Fixes and Feature Additions — For the past few months, Craig has been nose down making our custom hospital programs something everyone to get excited to use. We have heard your feedback about the printable forms and custom logic to minimize the number of questions asked. Those changes will be available this week to all users that work at a hospital that has these programs enabled.

What's Coming Next:

  • We have an exciting new partnership that will be announced soon that will allow for even more coverage of your patients. Stay tuned for more updates on this shortly.
  • Our next target will be to overhaul many of the features in our Admin section of our app.

Thank you for taking the time to read our update. Hopefully, we can pull back the curtain a little and let you know what our development team is doing.

If you ever have any feedback or ideas that you think will make CoverMe even better, please send them to us by clicking the green question mark in the bottom right corner of the blog page and inside the app.

Until next time,
CoverMe's CTO