2018. I have never been more optimistic.

Our company has hit the tipping point with Cover.Me. Our revenue growth has eclipsed 100% for the second year in a row and we expect a triple in 2018.

We have now completed our transition to a healthcare SaaS application provider. We have hit every goal we established in our two year plan.

We are moving into uncharted territory. Our roadmap is aggressive and our plans for the coming two years are solid. Our team has reaffirmed our mantra (Simplify. Innovate. Automate.) and our shared vision.

The decision to bootstrap the transition now seems like the right one. We suffered and died several times on the way but emerge with a profitable company owned by our team.

For those of you ā€” hospitals, partners and vendors ā€” who have ridden this pony ride with us, we are incredibly grateful. Your commitment, advice and counsel has saved millions at a time of great uncertainty in hospital and healthcare finance.

This year will bring a new focus on the Cover.Me brand. We have huge plans that will begin to unfold next week.

Our Foundation, Time for a Hero, will renew its focus and commitment on providing financial support for the healthcare needs of vets and their families.

Much more coming than I can post here. Iā€™m grateful for your guidance and advice.

Happy New Year!