There is no WYSIWYG editor this blogging platform. If you need any clarification on formatting markdown, please consult this Markdown Guide by Ghost.


Use correct spelling of company terms, being mindful of capitalization, spaces, and use of punctuation marks. The words, Cover and Me are connected by a period character and have no space between the two.


  • Cover.Me
  • Cover Me, CoverMe, Coverme
  • GovBox
  • Govbox, Gov Box, Gov box

Blog Titles

There are two points to consider when writing blog titles. The first is that they should be relatively short, and, if possible, short enough to stay on one line on a regular desktop view.

The second point is with capitalization of words. Title case — rather than sentence case — will be the standard on this blog. That is when every word in the title with the exception of a few words like in, a, the, of, etc. Please refer to the AP Style Guide on proper title case formatting.


  • This Is a Proper Title Case Title
  • This is a proper sentence case title


Hyphen (-)

Use hyphens for compounding words, not as breaks in the sentence. That will be the responsibility of em dashes. Regarding spacing, there should be no space between the hyphen and corresponding words.


  • Cost-effective
  • 12,000-15,000
  • Some term - some elaboration on term

En dash (–)

Use en dashes for conveying range in things like numbers or dates in your writing. While there is no specific global rule on spacing, this guide requires that there is one space between the en dash and both values or words.


  • Dec 2 – Dec 18
  • 355 – 515
  • Dec 2–Dec 18
  • 355–515

Em dash (—)

Use em dashes to demonstrate a pause in thought to convey or elaborate another clause or sentence. This is not to be used to compound words or to convey range. While there is no specific global rule on spacing, this guide requires that there is one space between the em dash and both words.


  • Some term — some elaboration on term
  • An initial thought — inject a specific clause — and complete sentence.
  • Some term—some elaboration on term
  • 13,000—22,000

Comma (,)

Refer to the AP guidelines regarding the proper use of commas. Although it specifies otherwise, Oxford commas will be permitted provided that its use — or lack thereof — remain consistent throughout the post.


  • Cover.Me, GovBox, and CaseVue
  • Cover.Me, GovBox and CaseVue

Semicolon (;)

While semicolons will have some use when needed, it is recommended to use very sparingly, and, if possible, avoid using altogether.

Creating Lists

Unordered lists

Unordered lists, the majority of lists you'll be writing, are used for unordered and unspecific lists. Each list item should avoid having large paragraphs. And in a list of term-descriptions, the term should be bolded.


  • Some term — some elaboration plus some other words
  • Another term — another elaboration plus some other words
  • Some term — some elaboration plus some other words
  • Another term — another elaboration plus some other words

Ordered lists

Ordered lists should be used for a series of steps or a specific countable list. Like unordered lists, each list item in this should avoid having large paragraphs.

Hyperlinking Your Content

Links that point to pages within the domain should not open in new tab. Links that point to pages outside of the domain need to open in a new tab. To accomplish this in markdown, use a normal HTML anchor tag with an attribute of target set to _blank. e.g. <a href="/url/path" target="_blank">Link Text</a>

Using Images

Refer to the Markdown Guide for instructions on including images in your post. For both SEO and moral purposes, please include descriptive alt tags for all images included in the post.

It is recommended that high-quality photos are used anywhere in your post, whether it is the header image, or within the content. But while high-quality is preferred, keep in mind that for best responsive quality, it is recommended to keep image widths 1000px or below.

A great place to grab some nice free photos are from Unsplash.

Using iFrames and Video Players

iFrames need to stretch to fit the article container with the height attribute properly set. To minimize the black bars above and below the video player, set the height attribute to 460.

While the width is already determined by CSS rules, you are encouraged to set width attribute to 100%. If, for some reason, percentages don't work in the width attribute, a good pixel width to set would be 560.

Keyword (SEO) Recommendations

To prevent your content from sounding like a sales pitch advertisement, avoid the overuse of article-specific keywords. This guide won't declare an arbitrary number for amount of keywords included as this should count on the best judgment by the author.

For help on keyword selection, refer to Google's SEO and keyword tools to target highly searched industry-specific keywords along with its competition in local, national, and global use.

Featured Posts Guidelines

Featured posts are a great way to highlight important posts and drawing the user's attention. Featured posts are marked by a dark pink star that sits to the right of the post title. While Ghost allows you to feature multiple posts, it's best to only feature a minimal amount, preferably just one, if possible.

When to Emphasis/Italicize/Bold

Italicize any special terms, colloquial terms, foreign words and any words you feel help emphasize a specific point. Italics should be used sparingly per article.

Bold any words you feel help strongly emphasize a specific point. Bolding should be used sparingly per article. Wherever italicizing or bolding occurs, be sure to keep it consistent.


  • bête noire
  • I will emphasize this point somewhat
  • I strongly emphasize this point
  • Cover.Me is a type of SaaS application